zaterdag 2 februari 2019

Father and daughter on the ferry, The Gambia

The Gambia - En route between Banjul and Barra a gentlemen with his young daughter sits down next to me. They are little miss Nyuma Isatou Drammeh and her father mr. Sankung Drammeh. We exchange smiles and start some small talk. It’s the first time for his daughter to be on the ferry, he explains. I get up and offer her my seat so she has a full view without me blocking it. She gladly takes it. Her father stays close to her. He tells they had to go across for some visits in the capital. He uses the oblatory trip to show his girl their country. On their way to the capital they travelled through the east side, crossing the Gambia river more upstream. Now on their way back, they meet us on the ferry from the capital Banjul to Barra, vice versa. And indeed there is a lot to see.

As I take some photo’s the girl looks interested in what I’m doing. I hand her my camera and show how to use it. She snaps a picture of me. And I make some pictures of them. The father writes down his address in my notebook and I promise to sent them the photo’s by e-mail once I’m back home in Amsterdam. The girl, still a bit shy, says something to her father. “She would like to have a picture with you,” he says. The father and my wife change seats. He takes his phone and we pose with a big smile with the daughter next to us. She out matches us with an even bigger smile. 

A memory written down in our hearts, captured on a photo. To travel is about crossing borders, exchange horizons and landscapes. Meeting new friends. And above all, exchange smiles. 

Auke VanderHoek
Banjul, The Gambia 

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