woensdag 16 juli 2014

Afropolitan Luxury - Fashionshow

Introducing Afropolitan Luxury.......  
“AFROPOLITAN” is the word that has been coined to describe Africans who are both deeply rooted in their culture while acknowledging their existence in a cosmopolitan environment influenced by Western consumer habits and trends.

AFROPOLITAN LUXURY” is the bridge between the world of African and Western design, challenging the status quo on the existing concept of African design by bringing the best of African talent to the international forefront.

From July 14th until July the 27th 5&33 Gallery will showcase some of this talent in a multi disciplinary exposition covering, fashion, art, music and design from Africa or inspired by this beautiful continent. 

The exhibition will open with a tantalizing fashion show on July 14th organized by AFROPOLITAN LUXURY, a start up business aiming to be the leading African luxury fashion and lifestyle destination, promoting, showcasing and selling, cutting edge African designer labels. Introducing a new generation of designers that are ready to take the world by storm with their unique take on African heritage and modern designs. 

During the exhibition, pieces from the special edition collection M’Afrique by Italian furniture brand Moroso are featured. “Looking at Africa through the eyes of contemporary art, photography, architecture and design is perhaps the most appropriate way of approaching this vast, powerful continent, so creatively rich and diverse that today it is still one of Western modernity’s greatest sources of inspiration,” said creative director Patrizia Moroso of the Italian furniture brand’s .

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